All my reptiles are guaranteed to be healthy, feeding and correctely sexed, unless otherwise agreed upon. There will be no missing or damaged body parts such as fingers, toes or tails unless specified. Caresheets are provided.

If you are not satisfied with your reptile, or if there is a problem, you must notify me within 24 hours after arrival. After that, I assume that I am no longer liable. It is my choice to replace the reptile with the same kind or similar or refund the purchase price. Shipping is non refundable. If we choose to refund, you are responsible for all expenses when returning original reptile.

I will not guarantee live delivery through postal, but I will guarnatee live delivery through Ups.


All orders must be prepaid before shipping. I accept postal money order,  cashiers check and pay pal. Shipping costs will be included and due at time of payment.

I send out the reptile(s) through UPS (United Parcel Service)  express overnight. Which in most places is guaranteed by 10:30am or noon. Shipping varies depending upon how far you live away. I ship all orders in a styro lined box  and heat if needed.  Although I haven't experienced any problems in the past with UPS, my live arrival guarantee is for the 24 hours after I have sent the reptile out. We  will not guarantee live delivery due to carriers loss or carrier delays that will cause the delivery to go past 24 hours. Temperatures must be between 35 and 90 degrees in order to send out any reptile(s). If the temperature is below 35 degrees or above 90 degrees there will be no live guarantee.

               Thank you, 
Cindy         .