Hi my name is Cindy and I work with my son Joe. I  live in Monee, Illinois (about an hour south of Chicago). I have been breeding bearded dragons since 1994. At first, it was a challenge to be able to breed them. Afterwards, my challenge was to breed large, healthy and robust bearded dragons. My greatest accomplishment is to hatch out high color bearded dragons that show color right out of the egg.

In 1996, I started breeding veiled chameleons. I have seen all different colors and sizes. I strive to breed consistant quality animals with good color and large size in mind. I make sure never to inbreed my veileds knowing that there can be birth defects and long term problems.

I also breed my own crickets. By doing that I make sure my babies have a continuous supply of food. Many of my customers have said to me that my animals are nice and plump. My baby beardeds and veileds are fed twice a day, which makes for happy healthy reptiles that have every chance to reach their full growth potential.